What we do


The issue of static charge generation during the transfer and storage of flammable, low conductivity fluids, has long been recognised as a potential hazard. The expanding use of modern materials such as carbon fibre and thermo-plastics adds complexity to this problem as many of these materials are highly resistive.

Element has significant experience and proven capability in analysing, quantifying and mitigating this potential threat.

Element Achievements:

  • Developed and agreed the certification strategy with FAA / EASA for the Airbus A350XWB Fuel System.
  • Authored the ESD Strategy for the Airbus A350XWB Fuel System and verified design, installation and equipment compliance.
  • Consultant on Electrostatic R&D project to develop new tools and understanding of charge behaviour.
  • Acknowledged in The Journal of Electrostatics paper on Electrostatic Charge Behaviour in Fuel Tanks.